Workshop – Building a Compelling Executive Summary

Do you have what it takes to convince an investor that your offering has a potential for success?

• You have launched your own new venture, and you have a vision for where your offering will be used.
• You believe you have the foundation for a runaway hit offering, the talent, perseverance and market opportunity to get there.
• But you realize you will need outside investments to turn these dreams and vision into a reality.
• And you’re not sure how to get meetings with and attract those outside investors.


• Do you know how to prepare an investor ready pitch deck to convince an investor to back your venture?
• What external resources (investment & advice) will you need to succeed?
• What do you want to achieve?
• What are your business and entrepreneurial goals?

To answer the above questions, we invite you to join us in our intensive workshop series where we will help you answer these questions with the advice and real time feedback from our industry experts to supplement your expertise and drive.

Workshop Covers

Tell your story and make it count by narrowing down your message to get your foot in the door and in front of your targeted potential investors. Learn what it means to understand your audience so you can demonstrate your company can execute on your proposed plan.

  • How to build a compelling executive summary (pitch deck).
  • Plan of Action to reach your target funding requirements.
  • Evaluate who would be the right target investor for your business.
  • Get real time feedback on your pitch deck (pitch deck presentation).

Workshop Details

This workshop session is a three (3) days intensive workshop (6 hours total) delivered by high level industry-veterans including individualized mentoring.

  • Group or individualized sessions.
  • Limited to two company members.
  • Must be a legally registered company with a ready MVP in EMEA or the USA.
  • Three (3) Virtual Sessions two (2) hours each session.
  • Includes a pitch practice session.

Workshop Outcome

  • A pitch deck and a fund-raising strategy vetted by professionals and up to industry’s highest standards.
  • Provide you with one more step to accelerator your company growth.
  • An opportunity to be handpicked for an individualized follow-on opportunity to work closely with our team to seek out the right investment opportunity from our network of investors, aimed at successfully completing the funding round.

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