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Welcome to TechLAB Innovation Center

TechLAB Innovation Center mission is to help early and mid-stage technology entrepreneurs with a developed product or service, scale up business operations to achieve sustainable growth.

We believe a technologically centered environment is only the beginning to achieving results. A rich mentor society and a top ecosystem yield results. TechLAB Innovation Center provides guidance to help companies maneuver through and tap into the investment community, offer a mentorship backed with a wealth of corporate industry and real-world expertise for partnerships, investment and acquisition opportunities.

We welcome entrepreneurs, local, national and international, to base and cultivate their operations at TechLAB Innovation Center.


About TechLAB Innovation Center

TechLAB Innovation Center believes that every opportunity with a great idea should have a chance to build its business, find the right resources and seek out customers and partnerships locally and globally. Our mission is to serve cutting edge technology companies in areas that include :

  • Information Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Sustainability & Green Tech
  • Mobility
  • Health Tech

With our full circle ecosystem, we provide an opportunity for companies to seek out funding, network within our ecosystem, and leverage on our technology labs. Our objective is to accelerate your company to greater territory preparing you for acquisition and even IPO.

Imagine access to abundant work space, more than 10,000 sq ft building, and a 84,000 sq ft technology lab at your finger tips, where you can let your imagination go wild while scaling your business.

Make use of a world-class, innovative Datacenter, that empowers you to grow your business easily and leverage on flexible solutions to meet your business requirements.

How does it work ?

TechLAB Innovation Center promises to provide a nurturing environment for your company to help you reach your goals and beyond.

We offer an individualized or group program with hard core milestones. It is up to you to meet our rigorous deadline. Our supporting network will offer you :

  • Guidelines in Business Development to acquire customers.
  • Access to customers assuming we know folks in your area of expertise. If we don’t we will tap into our network to seek them out for you.
  • Help you build your Marketing and Financial Plans
  • Direct you to the right network for Technology and Market Validation
  • Help you build the key differentiator in your business – a solid Team
  • Guide you to the right outlet if you must meet regulatory requirements to move you to the next level
  • Help you build your business plan and if you qualify find the right investors. You never know, if you can win our hearts we may even invest in you

Who are we ?

Our team has deep roots in Silicon Valley and rode the wave during some of the pivotal moments of change. Now we are at the forefront of the new wave. We had some great exits, so we feel your pain. We bring expertise from Silicon Valley, but also from different geographic regions.

We are globe trotters each covering different territory naturally in North America as far away as Asia, Europe, South America and Australia. We are always willing to explore new territories. We believe that growing a company means scaling your business and if you can reach your audience across global boundaries your influence becomes greater. It is up to you to pursue your own dreams. We are living in a global environment and would like to share it with you.

Our networks reach is huge for many reasons. We have a database of friends from around the world, many high level decision makers in all sectors. We have existing relationships in the corporate world, entrepreneurs, SME’s investors, government entities, universities and all the folks that provide you the important services you might need from IP lawyers, corporate lawyers, accountants, finance folks and many more. All these networks are trusted networks that we know do a great job within their field located locally and globally.


TechLAB Innovation Center is surrounded by a rich mentor society representing Silicon Valley’s top ecosystem that can be made available on demand. In addition, in house access to a NETWORK with major Silicon Valley corporations for partnership, investment and acquisition opportunities.

The choices are abundant

• Office spaces of various sizes, Semi-private & Desk
• Use of conference room
• Dedicated events and guest speakers
• Investment, Customer Acquisition and Partnership opportunities
• Free high speed wifi access (on demand services available based on need)
• Technology lab – sophisticated core business technology
• Access to existing stable customers for partnership, demo and testing opportunities
• 24/7 secure access – individual card key access

Our technology Lab

TechLAB Innovation Center partner Cologix is home to a 84,000 Sq/Ft world class cloud-neutral provider of datacenter colocation and digital edge services across North America ensuring ultra fast, reliable connectivity to your mission critical business applications at your fingertip with an opportunity to easily expand.

Cologix enables your company to deploy new applications and technologies quickly and cost effectively while offering performance in the most dynamic technologies and innovation centers in the world. Cologix offers the ability to support complex, explosive and new technology requirements. Cologix is a trusted North American platform with 20,000+ interconnections in 40+ network-neutral data centers across 11 markets and an industry leading uptime of 99.99%. Cologix includes secure cabinets, high-speed and ultra-low latency connections, redundant power availability design and on-site technicians 24/7/365.



TechLAB Pavilion

A notable shift in the technology sector centers on the transformative capabilities of AI and its profound impact on computing power and data processing capabilities. There’s a surging demand for information rapidly delivered to consumer and enterprise markets, revolutionizing traditional processes, enhancing efficiency, and fostering innovation across many industries. TechLAB provides a platform for companies to develop their products and services while tapping into an ecosystem that is merging across industries.

TechLAB Workshop

TechLAB Innovation Center is providing an intensive program to help you develop a customized Plan-of-Action and access to Connections for Funding and Growth in Early-Stage Ventures.

  • Workshop Session includes a three to five (3-5) days intensive workshop delivered by high level industry-veterans including individualized hands-on mentoring. Sessions administrated once a quarter (minimum 8 companies per session)
    • Business Plan/Customer/Partner Presentation
    • Plan of Action
    • Eligible to selection process for the Pavilion Track

How to join

Do you have an idea for a product/service or already pursuing opportunities with great potential for a large disruptive market? Are you looking for:

  • Funding
  • Mentorship
  • A Clear Plan-of-Action to propel you to the next stage
  • Customers/Partners
  • Promotion

How to apply

Join the workshop to build your business plan:

Upcoming Workshop Spring 2024


Workshop program details

Business Planning Model
Strategic Assessment
Go to Market Strategy
Pitching to




TechLAB partners with the Agora Startup Program, tools for a real time engagement APP  Agora Logo

Cologix Acquires vXchnge Santa Clara Data Center Campus – TechLAB partners with Cologix Logo

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups partners with TechLAB Innovation Center. IBM is providing eligible startups located at TechLAB Innovation Center up to $120,000 USD in cloud credits IBM

I4E The Institute 4 Entrepreneurship partners with TechLAB Innovation Center to connect London and Zurich with Silicon Valley.

OpsAlpha partners with TechLAB Innovation Center to provide hands on training in Blockchain technologies.


Streamline Your Business Operations to Successfully Raise Funding Introduction (Part 1 of 10 Series). Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4 available now.

TechLAB Innovation Center partners with OneStepCloud to Accelerate Small to Midsize Businesses to the Cloud.

vXchnge partners with TechLAB Innovation Center to Accelerate and Empower Next-Generation Cloud Services Companies.

vXchnge Case Study – One Stop Shop for Tech Startups to Thrive at TechLAB Innovation Center.



  • Predictive threat management
  • Received first initial Series A funding $3M, Series B $14.5M, Series C $40M 
  • 6 months – 10 employees and growing (new office in Mountain View)


  • College Concierge service
  • Bootstrapped
  • Profitable multi million dollar company
  • 9 months – 23 employees (new office in Las Vegas)


  • Deep Learning Software
  • Received strategic partner initial Series A funding 
  • 8 months – 10 employees and growing (new office in Campbell)


  • End-to-end data management application
  • Accepted into the Y Combinator program
  • 3 month – 4 employees and growing


  • Multi-Cloud Container Data Management
  • Received strategic partner funding
  • 14 months – 5 employees and growing (new office in Sunnyvale)


  • Ethereum-based decentralized crowdsourced encyclopedia
  • Crowdsale – Lunyr on TokenMarket (LUN)
  • Lunyr Private Alpha Released
  • 8 months in Development and Growing



  • Next-Gen deep learning supercomputing platform for real-time AI analytics
  • Closed private seed funding
  • 6 month and rapidly growing (new office in China)


  • IT Security skills for IT professionals
  • Grew team across the globe
  • Acquired by INE September 2019


Range Networks

  • Cellular networks to unconnected populations
  • Acquired September 2020


2040 Martin Ave,
Santa Clara, CA 95050

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