TechLAB Innovation Center mission is to help early and mid-stage technology entrepreneurs with a developed, data-driven product/service, scale up business operations to the cloud, onto an ultra-fast and reliable state of the art technology platform.

We believe a technologically centered environment is only the beginning to achieving results. A rich mentor society and a top ecosystem yield results.  TechLAB Innovation Center provides guidance to help companies maneuver through and tap into the investment community, offer a mentorship backed with a wealth of corporate industry and real-world expertise for partnerships, investment and acquisition opportunities.

We welcome entrepreneurs, local, national and international, to base and cultivate their operations at TechLAB Innovation Center.


TechLAB Innovation Center Pavilion Workshop Program
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vXchnge_logo partners with TechLAB Innovation Center
to Accelerate and Empower Next-Generation Cloud Services Companies

vXchnge_logo Case Study One Stop Shop for Tech Startups to Thrive at TechLAB Innovation Center

ibm-logo  Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups partners with TechLAB Innovation Center. IBM is providing eligible starups located at TechLAB Innovation Center up to $120,000 USD in cloud credits.


eLearnSecurityan IT Security Company providing advanced IT Security skills for individuals and corporations.

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